After nearly 3 decades at Trek Bicycles, Joe is an outdoor industry veteran.
He has a proven track record with


Building and Defining Brands


Leading Internal and External Teams


Directing Acquisitions


Expanding to a Global Business


Developing New Business


Cultivating Culture in an organization

Building a business is hard work.
I am here to help.

Over the years Joe has worked in nearly every capacity at Trek, arming him with the knowledge, skills and experience to help transform your business. Building a business requires teamwork, a vision and a persistence that comes with experience.



Joe has experience both in the field with a new brand, and with management building a brand to the #1 marketshare. The lessons of building customer trust and helping a customer build a better business, formed Joe’s philosophy of business.

Product Management

He has experience building a brand’s product portfolio from the ground up, and leading an industry in technology that becomes the benchmark.

Product Development & Design

He has experience at a senior VP level directing strategy with multiple brands and categories, and managing product development efforts of multiple globally-based development groups, while keeping brands, product portfolios and customer identification separated.

Mergers and Acquisitions

He has participated and directed over 60 acquisitions of major brands and businesses globally, and was a key member of Trek’s M&A efforts over nearly 30 years.

Brand Marketing & Brand Design

Joe oversaw the transformation of the Trek brand as the VP of Marketing and Design, into the world’s leading performance brand, developed brand stories for the family of Trek brands spread around the world.

Sports Marketing

Managed sponsored teams and athletes, negotiated contracts at the global level, built a UCI World Tour Tour de France team from the ground up, and delivered multi-year 3rd party title-level sponsors to those teams.

Global Retail

As the SVP of retail, Joe built a retail organization from the ground up, expanding more than four-fold to 75 stores globally in less than 2 years.

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