I was asked to present my previous open letter to the industry (by the same name) to the bicycle industry representatives attending the national ebike summit in California.  Along with the presentation, I was included in a panel of other advocates and land managers to answer questions from the industry, about eMTB trail access and other issues.

If you would prefer to watch the presentation vs. read my open letter, grab a coffee and click play here.

I will restate in summary my position.  I am not anti ebike.  To the contrary, I am an advocate of them as another way for someone to commute or recreate on a bicycle.  But, when it comes to eMTB on MTB or multi use trails, I feel that the industry has not done what it should have done before launching the bikes into the public.

But, it is not too late.  As an industry, we can still fix that and do the right things to avert any kind of unanticipated or ancillary result.  I tried to present those fixes in both my open letter to the industry, and in my presentation at the ebike summit.

Enjoy.  Joe

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